Community Facility Use

  • Warning  
    Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, and for the protection of our students, staff, families and community, facility use requests are not being accepted until further notice. 

    While district facilities and grounds exist primarily for the instruction and benefit of district students and other educational purposes of the district, the Board of Trustees believes that school facilities and grounds are a vital community resource which should be used to foster community involvement and development. Therefore, the Board authorizes the use of school facilities by district residents and community groups for purposes specified in the Civic Center Act, to the extent that such use does not interfere or conflict with school activities or other school-related uses, upon the terms and conditions set forth in this policy and other applicable Board policies, procedures, and administrative regulations.

    Please read the district's Board Policy 1330Administrative Regulations 1330, and Fee Schedule for more information.  Please contact Angela Smith, Administrative Assistant to the CBO, with any questions or concerns.