• Please note:  All forms are fillable pdf's.  Please do not open and complete as a Google doc.

    1. Please complete and submit FORM A Field Trip Authorization Form to your Site Administrator at least one month prior to your planned trip.

    2. Once received by the Business Office, the Field Trip Authorization Form will be placed on the next board agenda for approval.

    3. If Volunteers are required, ensure all volunteers have received clearance from the District Office (inclusive of proof of COVID-19 vaccination status).  The Volunteer Clearance form can be found here:

    4. If Parent Drivers are required, in addition to volunteer clearance, all parent drivers must complete and submit a Parent Driver Authorization Form to the school office with all required corresponding documents.

    5. After board approval, please compete and provide parents with FORM B Field Trip Permission Slip and Medical Authorization Form.
        If any health conditions have been determined, please send a copy of the completed permission slip (Form B) to District Nurse, Julie Lustig at least 5 days PRIOR to the scheduled trip.                                                    (jlustig@millbraesd.org).

    6. Determine the number of lunches that the Child Nutrition Services will need to provide and complete FORM C Field Trip Lunch Request. This form must be emailed to Rachel Gekas Director of Child Nutrition              Services at least 5 days PRIOR to the scheduled trip. (rgekas@millbraesd.org)  You will need to list the name and Student identification # for all students who are provided a lunch from the Child Nutrition                      Department.  The list should accurately reflect the meals provided for the day.  (For example: If John Smith marked on his permission slip that he would need a lunch from the Child Nutrition Department, but                brings a lunch from home the day of the field trip instead, John Smith should be removed from Form C as he will not be receiving a lunch from from the Child Nutrition Department.)  Please contact Rachel Gekas        directly with any questions regarding Form C. (650) 697-5693 ext. 028. 


    • Please bring Emergency Information Binder to all field trips with current medical/emergency information pages for all participating students printed from Synergy. (Site Secretaries are able to assist with these pages.)
    • IF a teacher is required to drive and will be transporting students: Please contact Angela Smith, Administrative Assistant to the CBO at asmith@millbraesd.org or by phone at (650) 697-5693 ext. 012 for additional forms to be completed. You will be required to complete a Personal Use Vehicle Form, provide “proof of insurance” issued by your carrier that indicates the required liability limits (minimum limit of at least $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident on liability and at least $5,000 ) and policy expiration date and a copy of your valid California Driver’s License. Teachers/Staff may NOT transport students without the required documentation on file.  Parent/Guardians must also authorize a teacher/staff transport.
    • Maintain all field trip documents on site for 2 years after trip completion. (Parent driver forms must be renewed annually)

    Please contact Angela Smith with any questions or concerns.

    (650) 697-5693 ext. 012