• Taylor Bulldog Code of Conduct - Please click here to download a printable version.

    Taylor Bulldog Code of Conduct

    Taylor Middle School is committed to providing a quality education that promotes respect, responsibility and safety. We are committed to the development of the whole child to prepare our students to be responsible, contributing citizens in a global society.

    It is important for our school to partner with parents to teach our students behavioral traits that will allow students to progress and mature into responsible young adults who understand the importance and impact of choices. Equally important is learning from one’s mistakes, therefore we will be using restorative practices in addition to the possible consequences listed in the chart below.

    Our school and district will use Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, or PBIS, as our framework for behavior. This framework will be the foundation for our behavioral expectations. Research shows that implementing a PBIS framework for academic and personal behaviors will decrease the necessity for behavior referrals. In the event a student is not responding to these interventions and supports and the behavior continues, our progressive behavior system requires that behavior be addressed with appropriate consequences. The Principal/Designee retains the right to make the final decision regarding any disciplinary action. 

    In accordance with state law and educational code, the below guidelines are enforced at school, on the way to and from school and at school sponsored events. Our jurisdiction could also include issues and events that take place off school grounds but impact the access to education of our students. The district has a partnership with local law enforcement agencies. Behavior issues that could potentially constitute a crime will be investigated accordingly and may involve law enforcement intervention prior to which parents may not be contacted.

    Offenses for which the Administration will recommend Suspension or Expulsion include:

    • Assault/Battery
    • Selling Drugs
    • Robbery/Extortion
    • Weapon Possession & Explosive Devices
    • Committing or attempting to commit sexual assault

    Students will receive intervention of student conference, parent/guardian communication, restorative justice, detention, suspension, or other intervention for offenses which include, but not limited to:

    • Attendance
    • Inappropriate items (gum, sunflower seeds, electronic games, etc)
    • Cell phone use not under staff supervision for instructional purposes
    • Cheating or Plagiarism
    • Defiance or disruption
    • Drug, alcohol, or tobacco possession
    • Fighting or scuffling
    • Forgery or Falsification
    • Gambling, Selling, or Trading items
    • Technology policy violation
    • Obscene acts or abusive language
    • Terrorist threats
    • Theft or Possession of stolen property
    • Threat or Intimidation
    • Unsafe items (“popper”, stink bombs, toy fire arm, etc)
    • Vandalism or Graffiti