• Student Dress Code - Please click here to download a printable version.

    In order to create a productive educational environment for all students, it is important that student dress be suitable for school attendance.  Good grooming, cleanliness, and appropriate dress are necessary to reduce distraction and promote student health. Extremes in dress and personal appearance, which tend to cause distractions or possess health problems, are never appropriate at school.

    Listed below are Millbrae School District regulations for TK-8 student dress at all schools. Students who are not dressed appropriately for school will be sent home and not readmitted until suitably dressed.

    1. Clothing must not advertise, promote, or encourage the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, or violence, nor have markings or language that is offensive, obscene, suggestive or promote disruptive or illegal activity.

    2. Clothing that is “gang-like” is never acceptable. Items such as marked baseball caps, sagging pants, tagged belts, bandanas, or other gang-related items will be at the discretion of the administration. 

    3. No tank, halter, or crop tops, spaghetti straps, or garments that reveal underwear, cleavage, or stomachs. 

    4. No revealing shirts or shorts. 

    5. Make-up is not appropriate in grades TK-5.

    6. Athletic shoes and socks are required for participation in PE (K-8) and are necessary for play equipment safety (TK-5). For safety purposes, flip flops are not appropriate for recess play or PE.  

    Thank you for helping us to provide the best educational environment for all students.