• At Taylor, we are raising good students, as well as good citizens.  Working together with a consistent message to our students and families will help us keep them all on track as we present a united set of desired core traits and behaviors. Please see below for this week's Life Skill.


    Consistency is keeping to the same principles in balance. Completing routines or actions regularly.

    Greatness and mastery are not achieved by taking a day off. Growth comes from effort- consistent effort. There are no shortcuts to greatness. Success comes from a mindset that embraces every day as part of the steps upward. Every day- bring your A game. Every day- practice, try, learn, push yourself. Greatness is not a part-time goal. Greatness is a full-time goal. Be consistent in your practice on days you feel great...and days you don't...on days you feel like working hard...and on days you don't...on days you saw results....and days you didn't. Being successful is being consistent.

    You can practice being consistent...

    • Focus on one goal
    • Focus on incremental improvement; you can't build a habit over night
    • Fight your emotions; stya positive
    • Forgive your failures