• School Site Council (SSC)

    The purpose of Taylor's School Site Council is collaborate as a team to advise and assist the school staff in the development, implementation, annual review of Taylor's educational programs in order improve the quality of education Taylor provides. Community members, teachers, and administrators sit on School Site Council.

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  • English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

    The purpose of our English Advisory Committee (ELAC) is to provide input to the Principal(s) pertaining to the District English Language Learner Master Plan and services for English Language Learners. ELAC representatives advise the School Site Council on the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement and be infomred of the annual language census. 

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  • Taylor PTA

    Taylor Middle School PTA helps fund the classroom supplies & equipment, teacher/staff support, supplies, staff appreciation events, grade-specific enrichment events, parent information gatherings, safety supplies, and more! Join here


    The Millbrae Education Foundation (MEF) is a non-profit fundraising organization that helps the Millbrae School District (MSD) provide a well-rounded, equitable education for our students. We work in partnership with our families, the MSD, our parent organizations, and community partners to fill in funding gaps left by the local, state, and federal governments.

    Your generous donation will help all students in our District.

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  • Volunteer

    If you are interested in participating on campus on a regular basis through volunteering in a classroom, office, or yard duty you will need to complete the volunteer clearance process and submit a copy of your COVID-19 vaccine.

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