• Dear Meadows Families,

    Student safety is my number one priority at Meadows School, and I am committed to working with our Meadows community to ensure that all of our students and families stay safe at all times. As a reminder, I would like to review with you the Meadows traffic safety guidelines. The white zone located in front of our school on Helen Drive is for loading and unloading only; please do not park in the white zone. Additionally, stopping and/or parking in the red zone is prohibited. We need red zone areas to remain open for emergency vehicles. During arrival and drop off times, please always use the crosswalk. We now have orange buckets on both sides of the crosswalk, inside the buckets are neon orange flags. Please take a flag to wave as you are walking in the crosswalk to cross the street. Please model using these flags, and our students will likely do the same.

     Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures:

    • Student drop off with supervision begins at 8:00 a.m.
    • If dropping off in the white zone, please pull over to the curb to drop off. 
    • Children should exit their vehicles on the white curbside facing the school.
    • Supervise your children during arrival and dismissal and use the crosswalks in and around our school campus.  
    • Determine the best pick up location to meet your child. 
    • If you are picking up in the parking lot; do not leave your car unattended. 
    • Drive in parking lot and circle around the neighborhood until your child becomes available for pick up. 

    Remember to be patient. It is impossible to have our Meadows families converge in one area, in a period of fifteen minutes, without having traffic. Be polite, patient and wait your turn. Please be courteous to school personnel if they make a request, or remind you of the traffic rules. Children learn to respect authority, including the authority of their parents, by seeing their family members demonstrate respectful behavior toward others.

    We continue working with the City of Millbrae to secure a Meadows crossing guard. See the attached Meadows community map with crosswalk locations and parking recommendations, and please share this information with others who drive their children to school.

    Thank you for supporting us in keeping our Meadows students and families safe!

    Ms. Waslif

    Meadows Principal