Local Control

Millbrae School District is fully committed to its longstanding tradition of delivering an excellent education for local students. Our local schools are award-winning and serve over 2,100 students from TK-8th grade with a mission of providing each student with a strong academic foundation.


Repairing Millbrae Schools to Keep Students Safe

The District conducted a Facilities Master Plan to capture the current state of school facilities and provide a listof improvements needed at each school site. While our students continue to succeed, repairs and upgrades areneeded across all Millbrae schools.

Fixing the identified repair needs would provide teachers with the tools they need to help students succeed and ensure all students have equal access to modern, high-quality educational facilities. Updates and repairs to heating and ventilation systems and aging roofs are needed to make these systems efficient, sustainable and keep our children safe and healthy.

The State Does Not Fund Facility Improvements

In the past, the State funded 40% of school construction but now leaves this entire responsibility to local communities. That’s why voters in Burlingame and other San Mateo County communities have passed measures to support their schools. Currently, there are no resources available to improve or update Millbrae elementary schools. A similar measure in our community would allow Millbrae schools to complete identified improvements and ensure local students are prepared to compete in high school and college.

As we plan for the future of our schools and consider options for upgrading and repairing local classrooms and school facilities, your input is important to us.


Please visit our page on Local Control here.