• Outdoor Education Opportunity

    We are excited to inform you that the sixth graders will be able to participate in the San Mateo County of Education Outdoor Education Program that is located in La Honda at the Jones Gulch outdoor camp. Find the link to the program  here.

    This year the trip will take place the week of October 11.

    • It is a 5 day - 4 night program.
    • The students will need to be at school at 8:30 am on October 10th and
    • will return to Taylor on October 14th around 1:00pm.

    The cost of the trip is $575 per child which covers the cost of the camp and transportation. We have space for 225 students to attend. It is important that all students who sign up in time to attend are able to. Therefore we will be asking those who can afford to give more than $575 please do so. 

    Please click here if you are in need of a payment arrangement or scholarship.