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Music Instrument Care

Special thanks to "Uncle" Bill Sveglini and Mr. Edward Sandoval for their input here!



  • Tighten bow but make sure the stick is still curved down.
  • Use a small amount of rosin every three times you play.
  • Wipe rosin off wood, bow wood and fingerboard.
  • Loosen bow when you are done playing.
  • Don't let anyone play your instrument.
  • Only let a teacher or repair person fix your instrument.
  • Be careful with your instrument, it is expensive!



  • Make sure to brush and rinse your teeth before playing a brass instrument! Sugar and other foods will stick to and harden pads.
  • Always hold your trumpet by the valve casings, not by the slides or bell.
  • Always hold your trombone by the outside hand-slide brace when not playing.
  • Keep it clean! Don't eat while you are playing and keep food away from your instrument.
  • Clean out your instrument before putting it back in the case.
  • From time to time, look carefully over your instrument for bends or breaks in the metal.
  • Trombone players make sure never to rest your instrument on the tip of the slide and never take the slide out of the case until you are holding it by the brace and crook.
  • Use valve or slide oil as necessary - but don't use too much - a little will go a long way!
  • Wash it once a month with warm, soapy water. Then rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth.



  • Make sure to brush and rinse your teeth before playing a wind instrument! Sugar and other foods will stick to and harden pads.
  • Clean your instrument thoroughly each time you play with a cleaning swab and rag.
  • Scrape your reed very gently against a flat, semi-hard surface to clean excess saliva and prevent mold.
  • Flute players always keep your instrument horizontal to keep from bening the metal. A curved flute doesn't get the correct sound!
  • Don't hold the keys or press them down while assembling your instrument.
  • Clean out mouthpiece with a soft wire brush at least once a week.
  • Never eat or drink while you are playing any wind instrument.



  • Dust and clean your snare drum or set about once a week.
  • Be careful not to hit your heads too hard, they can be damaged!
  • Check your snares from time to time to make sure they are tight and attached correctly.
  • Polish fittings from time to time to avoid rust, among other problems.
  • Store all sticks and mallets in a stick-bag or case.
  • Avoid storing percussion equipment in extreme temperatures.
  • Wash your hands before you play to preserve your sticks and equipment.
  • Return your equipment to its proper place or storage area after use.
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